The Windshield Cube is a mostly decorative block in Robocraft and is commonly used in so-called 'art bots'. They can be used either as a structural component or a light layer of armor. They are also sometimes used to lighten points of an airplane or other vehicles. This cube is usually replaced in higher level tiers by Armored Cubes because they are highly weak.



Mass (kg)


CPU Load


Robot Ranking Armour Cost (cube free) (RP/GC)

Windshield Cube

5 / 4 / 3 / 3.35 1 0.50 50 8/2


This cubes main usage is in creating 'art bots'. Windshield Cubes have the same Armor, Robot Ranking, and CPU cost as Light Chassis Cubes and therefore offer the same performance and protection when used on a bot. For that reason they are not typically seen in high quanities outside of low tiers.