The Mistake Guide for Noobs

I have only been playing since September 2016, and have learned from my mistakes. Here are some to avoid and there might be a way to fix them.


  • Holding down the fire button while using railgun. This is called rail spamming, and is very hard to do successfully, as it is very inacurrate.
    • However, it is easy to do at close range, and is better then.
  • No-scoping. This may seem like a way to seem cool, but more often just gives away your position and causes you to miss.
    • Again, this is fine up close.
  • Using Aeroflak on ground bots. Aeroflak is ONLY damaging against Helicopters and Planes.
    • It deals medium damage against jumping mechs and insects.
  • Using keyboard controls. This makes it harder to move. This is only good for railgun tanks and railgun insects.
  • A bot gets stuck upside-down. Press F to fix this.
    • A bot won't flip right-side-up. If you are too close to a wall, this will happen. Just press F and move at the same time, then press F again (if needed) when you have room.
  • My Plasmas won't hit that plane! Plasmas don't work good as anti-air. Try lasers or Aeroflak instead.


  • Using no/too many steering wheels on a car. Put 2 steering wheels max on a car, and always in the front.
  • Making a plane/hover/helicopter too heavy. Use helium blocks, placing 4 at a time and testing every 4 blocks.
    • Making it too light. If it is hollow, place some blocks on the inside or use some electroplates.
  • A tank/car won't move. Blocks may be placed too low. Try removing some or placing the wheels/treads lower.
  • Not enough CPU left. Make a bot hollow, remove electroshields, or remove excess weapons.
  • No ideas. Try looking in CRF under Most Bought for some ideas.
  • Can't build something the way I wanted. If you are copying a CRF bot, try a few things.
    • I once tried to make a Scarab (Rotors/Insect Legs) and ended up making an awesome mech, the R5-Frost. (On CRF starting 6/10/17!)
  • Using wrong weapons. Replace them with a more damaging weapon, or one that takes less energy.
  • Not enough space on robot. Try using a different cube.
  • Don't have the pieces I need for my robot. Try forging the pieces using Robits. You could also use different pieces. Just don't recycle your bot.
    • I don't have enough robits. Play some matches or recycle some parts you have too many of, such as Wasps.
  • My bot takes one hit before dying. Add more cubes, your bot is too small and light.
  • My weapon shoots really slowly. Add more of the weapon.
    • I don't have enough of that weapon. See "Don't have the pieces I need for my robot."
  • My bot won't move right. Check to make sure movement pieces are evenly placed.
    • They are even. Try to use only one tier of hover blade per bot, and use them two per row. one in the middle makes a bot wobbly.
    • My Shuriken won't spin. Check the positions of boosters and add more. Try adding Helium blocks. Also, remove any hovers.

This is Trokodile174, signing off. Look out for my Mech Guide for Noobs, coming soon!