I've got ideas for the 'advanced programs' in the new meta(pls note I'm only including two per SCU type though there will be three in the new meta, because the devs have planned one per SCU already):

Crey(offence): 1. Orbital strike: the mother ship appears above chosen area, and barrages it with plasma projectiles that are 4x as powerful as those of the same tier that the bot is in. 2. Ares fury: for the rest of the time until you die and respawn, every time you take damage, your damage, fire rate and speed aremade 1.5x what they currently are, but this would be very expensive in overclock cost, and would reset to normal stats after you die and respawn.

Tiahne(defence): 1. Barricade: sets up 'fusion barricade' (that was planned by devs but not added) in front of you, that is destroyed after absorbing a monstrous amount of damage, it can be shot and moved through by team mates, but only moved through by enemies, it would take 2 seconds to construct. 2. Sacrifice: you absorb ALL damage from nearby teammates, allowing them to survive as long as you live, this also moves any damage they have already taken to you, and any healing they take to you also, it would last 90 seconds, or one and a half minutes.

Gene(medic): 1. Made of nano: a passive ability that can be turned on and off, it constantly heals nearby allies with one nano beam each, with no nano beam limit, it costs clock cycles based on how many beams are in use over time. 2. Construction: constructs a nano drone that flys overhead and heals nearby allies constantly, they continue doing this with no cost, but take 2 seconds to build.

And since the SCUs will be unlocked at T5, there should be ASCUs(Advanced SuperCompUters) unlocked at T9 that are combos of the rest(e.g. offence+defence, medic+defence, offence+medic)

Arkus(med+def): 1. Ark net: summons a very small protonium shield around you're location that acts just like the one at the reactor, healing and all, and lasts for 15 seconds. 2. Switch: fully heals a targeted ally and switches your position with theirs, has unlimited range and targets through walls, but is very costly. 3. Building: constructs an unmoving wall with Electroplating covering one side and Ai nano guns on the other, would take 5 seconds.

Drax(off+def): 1. Personal shield: an extremely small protonium shield with no medical capabilities surrounds you, allowing you to survive huge amounts of damage, it absorbs clock cycles quickly as long as it's turned on. 2. Absorbance: absorbes damage automatically and turns it into clock cycles, upon using the ability it displaces 3overclock levels into the nearest ally. 3. Tether: tethers you to target enemy, meaning they cannot move outside of 60 meteres of you, can be used to stop enemy's from reaching you're base, or stop them from getting back to there's or to a medic.

Deker(off+med) 1. Self cloak: makes you invisible to both enemys and to radar, however there is a sort of 'shimmer' surrounding your position which distorts things looked at through it. 2. Cloak projection: same as self cloak, but affects a targeted ally. 3. Disguise: disguises you as the next enemy you kill, allows enemy medics to heal you, only lasts 1minute.

There should also be MASCUs, or MegA SuperCompUters, which can only be used by bots with mega seats, and are extremely powerful. I however, can only think of one.

Aavak (Just Kidding)

Drakonus(MASCU) 1. Supernova: causes you to (after 3 seconds) self-destruct, creating a massive shockwave that sends flying and highly damages anyone directly hit by it, use in desperate situations to stop a large enemy force. 2. Mega-Beam: a satellite array charged by pure protonium fires an incredibly powerful beam at the ground in front of you, which instantly destroys both ally and enemy blocks caught in the beam, the beam also starts slowly moving forwards straight away, and stops firing after 8 seconds, it should also have a one and a half minute cooldown. 3. Tractor Beam: a targeted enemy begins to be constantly pulled towards you, with the pull becoming stronger the further away from you they are.

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