Meet Daniel, a man of 20 years whom was selected to join the 'Robocraft' military force of E13. He is an average man in almost all aspects, but the journey he is about to go on is know where near average. He is about to go to war, alongside newfound friends, against old found enemy's, and including meetings with some 'frenimies'. It's going to be a Wild ride, and you're going to be allowed to tag along. (Or, you could skip forward to newer ones than you are upto, but I strongly suggest you don't do this, because it spoils the story)

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed the short introduction to this little story, a new part will come out about once every 3 weeks at least, or when i can and want to write. Also note, this is technically not my idea, the original writer was supersmashmario, an Italian robocrafter, and I have taken the duty of continuing this story.