Day 6

We were sent into an actual battle for the first time today............... It didn't go so well.

It lasted 20 minutes, and the same teleportation tech from the practice battle was used to allow us to re-enter the battle after destruction. When we were first teleported down, we found and captured the closest tower, and our shield came online. It was a huge dome, whilst inside we would be constantly repaired, and enemy fire would not be able to penetrate the shield. Then we encountered an enemy force, we took cover, and started firing at them. They fired back, of course, and some of us were destroyed, but with Jackson providing supporting plasma fire, we quickly took the enemy force out. We started moving forward, and encountered a lone enemy, whom we quickly took out. However, the enemy force we fought, had all respawned, and with them being able to hide inside their shield whilst fighting us, they took us down in minutes. When we did respawn, there was an enemy in the base, attacking the reactor. We took him out, but then our fusion shield went offline, and we were under siege. All of us, against all of them. They quickly took out our reactor, and we were teleported out just as it detonated. How do we know it detonated you ask? We could see it from space. As a result of our loss, we had to go through more advanced training, each one going progressively better than the last an.......................

Sorry, I dozed off for a while, the training was vigorous and continuous. I'm going to go to sleep for the night now.

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed this segment of the story, a new part will come out about once every 3 weeks at least, or when i can and want to write. Also note, this is technically not my idea, the original writer was supersmashmario, an Italian robocrafter, and I have taken the duty of continuing this story.


Pt5:Coming soon!