Day 5

Spoiler alert, I didn't die! When I woke up, we were just dropping out of hyperspace, and I saw that Mars, the fourth planet from sol, was very close, and that we were headed straight for it. Then a voice came over the loudspeaker: /\/ALL PILOTS PLEASE PLACE ON SPACE SUITS AND MOVE INTO COCKPIT FOR TELEPORTATION TO PLANET SURFACE.\/\ I honestly didn't think about teleportation being involved, but I put on my suit, and got into the pilot seat. I was soon teleported to the serface of Mars, and saw my friends for the first time in days I greeted them over the radio, and we were told we had three minutes until Ai bots with no weapons were released for target practice. So we spent the time showing off owr bots to each other. Lorenzos looked similar to mine, but taller and thinner, with a spotlight mounted next to his head. Jackson's bot was wider and longer, about the same height as mine, with plasma launchers mounted on top of it, and he said that he deconstructed his original bot and built this one using the hovering construction tool in the mothership. Then they announced the first wave, and we saw owr first Ai enemy approaching. It looked exactly like mine but without weapons, and we, along with the rest of our large group, destroyed them in seconds. Then the announcer gave us a real challenge, saying we would have to keep them off a pad in the centre of the area, and that we would lose if too many of them reached the pad, we were also told that some would have weapons, and that force field surrounding the chair would make us invoneruble to weapons fire. The test began, and we opened fire on the bots, at first they came slowly, but quickly they got faster and faster. And they began firing on us when our numbers were equal to theirs. Some of us were destroyed, and teleported back to the motherships to watch the rest. Jackson his behind rocket outcrops, waiting until he could fire his plasmas again, whereas me and Lorenzo stayed at the front. Eventually, Lorenzo started getting hit and I drove in front of him for a few moments to let him get behind cover, then followed him there. "There overwhelming us!" I said. "Tell us something we don't know!" Yelled everyone at once. Eventually, one by one, we were destroyed, until I was the only one left. Then they all drove onto the pad, and I was teleported back to the mothership with the announcer saying that our performance on the field would be more than enough to succeed in a regular battle. Everyone congratulated me on being the last one standing, and Lorenzo thanked me for helping him get behind cover. We spent the rest of the night talking over radio as we ate, and then everyone went to bed. I'm laying in bed now, and I'm actually quite tired, so bye.

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed this segment of the story, a new part will come out about once every 3 weeks at least, or when i can and want to write. Also note, this is technically not my idea, the original writer was supersmashmario, an Italian robocrafter, and I have taken the duty of continuing this story.