Day 3

I woke up this morning to loud beeping, and the first thing I saw was an electronic reminder on the computer saying "DANGER! MAXIMUM NON DOCKING DISTANCE TO MOTHER SHIP ENTERED!" I, understandably, was surprised, then I looked out the window, and saw just how close I was to the mother ship. I just managed to take the shuttle controls and pull away before I ran into the mother ship, then I flew away from it to take a closer look. It was truly massive, so I docked into it, and moved inside, where I discovered that I already had a bot. It must be at least 50 meters tall, with huge turrets mounted on the top and front, which I recognised as SMGs, or Subatomic Machine Guns. I'm sitting in the pilot seat as I write this, and tomorrow I hope I will take my bot for its first test drive with Lorenzo and Jackson. But now I'm going to explore the mother ship, and work out where everything is.

Day 4

I looked at the ships computer earlier, and saw that the location we would go to was all the way in the far rim of the empire, the sol system, and that to get there, we would need to go into hyperspace. I have always been scared of the concept of hyperspace, an state of space-time that makes anything inside it be on the brink of non-existence allowing it to move over a million times faster than it should normally be able to. It's still experimental technology in my opinion, because if objects in hyperspace don't move fast enough, they can be removed completely from existence. Luckily these mother ships were made and inspected directly by the smartest minds in E13, other wise I would hack the computer to not go into hyperspace. But there is still, according to the smartest minds in E13, a 1 in 1000 chance for this to still happen, so I'm going to go to sleep after I enter hyperspace, because the last time I was awake during it, I sicked all over myself. I'm about to contact Lorenzo and Jackson about it, and thanks to the hyperspace, this may be my final entry. So, goodbye.

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed this segment of the story, a new part will come out about once every 3 weeks at least, or when i can and want to write. Also note, this is technically not my idea, the original writer was supersmashmario, an Italian robocrafter, and I have taken the duty of continuing this story.