Day 1

I was chosen to partecipate into this "Robocraft" program, something about building a robot and fighting aliens. It souds pretty cool indeed. I went to the RBC-1 military base, located in some random african desert, where they instructed me on how i should build a robot, the various weapons and stuff like that. They introduced me and the other "Robocrafters" the various types of robots and their locomotion systems: i will probably build a hovercraft with those plasma cannon things, or a tank with nano disruptors, to heal my friends in case they need it. But now i have to rest, tomorrow is the big day, where i will mount the shuttle and fly to space.

Day 2

I finally had a chanche to know better the people i will go with: Lorenzo, a tough and high man, and Pierpaolo, a thin afro with very curly hair. They seem nice people, and i'm sure we will be great friends. After we put on our space suits they mounted us on the shuttle, and explained us the last things.

The countdown started...

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1...

Blast off

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this short introduction of my little story, a new part will come out about once a week, or at least when i can and want to write.