aka Andrea

  • I live in Italia
  • I was born on August 10
  • My occupation is Studente
  • I am Maschio
  • Smashsupermario

    Day 1

    I was chosen to partecipate into this "Robocraft" program, something about building a robot and fighting aliens. It souds pretty cool indeed. I went to the RBC-1 military base, located in some random african desert, where they instructed me on how i should build a robot, the various weapons and stuff like that. They introduced me and the other "Robocrafters" the various types of robots and their locomotion systems: i will probably build a hovercraft with those plasma cannon things, or a tank with nano disruptors, to heal my friends in case they need it. But now i have to rest, tomorrow is the big day, where i will mount the shuttle and fly to space.

    Day 2

    I finally had a chanche to know better the people i will go with: Lorenzo, a tough…

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