Plasma Launcher
Plasma Cannons L5
Minimum Tech: 3
Rate of Fire: 3"+0.4"/Lnchr
Classification: Bombardment
Recoil: Medium
Rotation: 360°
Up Angle: 118°
Rate of Rotation: 90°/0.9"

so this is an idea i have to make an info box for the weapons that will go on their appropriate page. what do you all think? it is to cover the things that are universal through out the weapons, regardless of tier. The rest of the info, like rp and tech will be covered on the provided tables already on their pages.

For those who are new to Media Wiki (the software driving Wikia) this is a Template. they can be placed on several pages and then modified from the driving template page. Using simple syntax (mainly a pipe and equals) users can input various content depending on how the template was built. in this case, it would be easy for users to input the various stats that are not covered by the table already on the corresponding page. however, if styling changes were desired, the driving templates page would have to be modified and all uses of the template would change with it.