Hey all,

It's about update time and that means lots of edits really fast.... sometimes not, but just in case we got people tripping over each other, here are a few things to remember:

  1. If you have never edited before, please take a few minutes to read up on Editing in Wikia.
  2. People make mistakes. if you see one, just try to correct it. don't message admins, leave comments or message the last editor about it. if you don't know how, leave it be and someone will eventually get to it. unless it is clear vandalism (get to that in a sec). Remember to Assume Good Faith.
  3. Edit Headers! Beside every header (above level 6) there is this little "edit" button. use that to edit the section of interest. if you do not know what section to put it in, then just use the notes section at the bottom. other contributors will come along and make the needed changes. Editing headers will reduce the number of collision edits: edits of the same page at the same time by two different computers that do not edit the same things.
  4. CHECK BEFORE ADDING CONTENT! be sure the content you want to add is not already there. read the whole page first. if you do not know of a page, try the search bar in the top right. (just the top center for mobile users).
  5. Report vandalism. Don't insult the vandal or otherwise send them messages or address them at all. Just let an admin (mostly me) know and they (I) will take care of them.

That said, I will likely be playing games, reading in the forums and other sites (youtube/reddit/facebook) and doing IRL things, so i will be on when i can get on.

Happy Editing! ~ Juper0 (talk)