What part do you prefer:

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I treat Robocraft as a Minecraft/Kerbal-Space-Program with the World Of Tanks battle mode as a testing ground. I like the crafting part of the game a lot more than the battling! Going back and forth from the Garage to Practice Mode to test things out and make that tiny adjustment can get a little annoying, but when I get that flyer set up just right, it is AWESOME! For me, it is all about crafting a new design and getting it tested to perfection. Battle is the true test. I often come up with a design with a goal in mind for tactics, but either find out my original idea just is not going to work with the game as it stands, or find some neat trick in the process that changes my design goal entirely. In any case, I always go back and try to trim off anything that is not needed. Through this method I found that having a stand off armor wall was more efficient and effective than filling in every brick. Leaving air gap just helps. I also found that Enemy Radars and Radar Jammers provide sufficient torque to turn a light robot; a very annoying fact then working with Armored Helium. (Having both separated some and oriented the same direction allows them to counter each other, like a Chinook Helicopter.)

I hope that eventually players can put up designs for sale and get RP. players who want them could always try them out without purchasing them in practice mode and decide not to buy them if they do not like the design. Purchasing would give the creator some kind of kudo points and eventually RP/GC. The recognition as a creator would be great for people like me. I like battling, and I feel that I am good at it, but the venture of working to get the bot just right is much more fun for me.