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Greetings fellow Robot Crafters. I am Juper0. I have been playing Robocraft for a a few days and got hooked on the sandbox mode alone to make serious and hilarious bots. Being able to test my creation just put the icing on the cake. Many of my friends love the game and I like helping them get info. I have already made several contributions to try to start this thing right by making templates and adding relevant pages and images. I like to connect with the Devs of a game that I am wiki'ing for as well as other major contributors (i.e. You Tube'ers, Reddit, and social media like Facebook and Twitter). I was the lead admin of Warframe Wikia for 8 month bringing it from 100 pages to over 1,200 and have been working on other sites such as Space Engineers Wiki, League of Legends Wiki and Terraria Wiki. I see that the creator of this wiki was last on in February. He did a great job starting it and I would like to continue the work. I like the theme but i think it needs a little tweaking. I would also like to help find other good Admins and Rollbackers. I have exp in JS and CSS but hope to find someone better than I to help out. My goal with this Wiki would be (first) to keep bring in all the content of the game starting with major feature then individual detailing attention, and (second) keep it professional and advertise.

I hope to be talking to a lot of you and getting to know other major contributors of this community.