Uber Tech Points Display
This page is an archive, what it describe no longer exists.
Tech Points are obtained through Battle Mode or Ranked Battle Mode. They are used to unlock new kinds of cubes in the Tech Tree. A player's Robot Tier will affect the kind of Tech Points they receive. For example, if a player's robot is in Tier 2 they will receive Tier 2 Tl2Tech Points, and a Tier 6 robot will receive Tier 6 Tl6Tech Points. These specific points can only be spent on upgrades which require these points. A player cannot spend Tier 2 Tl2Tech Points on an upgrade which requires Tier 3 Tl3Tech Points. However, using GCGalaxy Cash, a player can convert any Tier of TlTP into UBERTP Über Tech Points, which can then be spent on any tier upgrade the player chooses (as long the desired upgrade is adjacent to an already bought upgrade). This is a great way to use spare TlTech Points in other Tiers to unlock new cubes in higher Tiers.

Earning Tech PointsEdit

  • Earned TP each win. [5Tl]
  • Earned TP for kills [1Tl]
  • Earned TP for kill assists. [1Tl]
  • Earned TP for Base Capture Points. [1Tl]
  • Earn 2x more TP with “first victory of the day” bonus
  • Get 100% more TP for being a Premium Member.

Wiki UseEdit

  • Use the template (or type) {{TP|}} to get Tl inline. (Ex: {{TP|1}} shows Tl1)
  • Use the template (or type) {{UTP}} to get UBERTP inline.