Intro to Strategic Armoring Edit

Armoring is a very difficult part of Robocraft. Where do I put the electroplates? Will they cover my weapons? Will it be too heavy? This guide will help you out.

First off, build your robot. Smaller robots are key for strategic armoring. Once your robot is built, electroplate according to the guide below.

Tier 1-3 Edit

For low-tier helis, electroplate the bottom.

For low-tier planes, electroplate all possible parts. Planes are especially vulnerable to SMG fire, and you could be attacked from any side.

For low-sitting tanks or cruisers, electroplate the top first. Then electroplate the sides as much as possible.

For any vehicles above 10 blocks tall, electroplate the bottom and sides as much as possible.

For low or medium-flying hovers, electroplate the sides and bottom the most.

For high-flying hovers, electroplate the bottom as much as possible. Then electroplate the sides.

Tier 4-6 Edit

For anything without wheels or hovers, electroplate the bottom of the craft the most.

For anything low-sitting, such as motorcycles, electroplate the top heavily.

For high-flying hovers, electroplate the bottom, then sides.

For low-flying hovers, electroplate the sides and bottom, then top.

Tier 7+ Edit

Electroplate in a siding-like fashion, no matter what the vehicle. The higher the vehicle is, the lower down you should put your electroplates.

Where To Put Weapons Edit

Weapons are difficult to add. Stick weapons on according to the average altitude of the vehicle (altitude from land directly beneath your robot). If you find no available places, stick out 'antennas' and put weapons on the antennas. Antennas are long pole-like prods that stick put from your robot. Be sure to electroplate antennas- each one that falls off means that you lost some weapons.

Helicopters Edit

Helicopters are very easy to electroplate, but putting weapons on is a hassle. Use 'antennas' (see 'Where To Put Weapons') for guns.

Helicoptors should always be small, nimble, and fast. The bottom should be electroplated, and the sides should too. Try to trade a SMG for an Enemy Detector; it is near impossible to use Enemy Detectors from even low altitudes.