Minimum Tech: 4
Classification: Flying

The Rudder provides lift to the robot, allowing mid-flight agility control. The rudder is basically a swept back and smaller variant of the Aerofoil with less load capacity. Aerofoils and rudders of the same level have the same amount of armor, CPU pFLOPs and robot ranking. Currently only tier 4-10 rudders are available.

Important NOTE: as you can see on the description below, rudders have a lower load capacity per wing in comparison to aerofoil. That´s because rudders are made to stabilize an aircraft and to give more mid-flight agility control and tight maneuvers, so they are not intended for loading capacities.

Stats Edit

Note: These stats have changed as of recent updates. Rudders are now viable as wings in place of aerofoils; see Aerofoil for details on how to do this.

Tier RP GC Weight Shield-th Load
per wing
RoboRank Microchip24x20 Tl
T5 3,859 86 5 2,059 21.5kg 937 24 30
T6 7,621 126 ? 3,300 28.35kg 2,442 25 37
T7 14,176 204 ? 4,979 35kg 6,348 26 46
T8 27,582 342 ? 7,085 41.65kg 16,479 27 68
T9 49,100 565 ? 9,522 48.35kg 42,725 28 72
T10 89,558 936 ? 12,087 55kg 110,626 29 ?

Trivia Edit

- Rudders were added on 31/07/2014.

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