Minimum Tech: 5
Classification: Flying

Rotors are the most powerful lifting cubes in the game. They can also be used in other orientations, even upside down. Roughly speaking a T10 Hover Blade is a small step below a T5 Rotor in sheer lifting power.

Despite their immense power, attempts so far at making flying Megabots have failed. It takes three T10 Rotors to lift one ~11,520kg TX-1 Wheel.

Stats Edit

[[Name] RP GC Weight Shield-th Lift
RoboRank Microchip24x20 Tl
Recon 1200 outdated 10kg 1425kg
Invader 4500 outdated 12.5kg 2215kg
Assault 15000 outdated 15kg 3225kg
Hoverer 67000 outdated20 kg6440kg
HOVER! 114500 outdated 100 kg12250 kg
  • Note: Maximum lift capacities are approximate. Loading a rotor to its max will strongly limit vertical acceleration.

Trivia Edit

- Rotors were added on dd/mm/yyyy.