Robot Ranking was an exponential scale in Robocraft that determines how strong a robot is and what kind of battles it can enter.

It was removed in the epic loot update in favor of matches based on CPU.

The sum of the robot rankings of all cubes in a robot determine how high its robot ranking is, with higher tier cubes adding progressively greater robot ranking.

Here were the actual rankings:

Tier Minimum Ranking Maximum Ranking
Tier 0 0 500
Tier 1 500 800
Tier 2 800 1,200
Tier 3 1,200 1,900
Tier 4 1,900 2,900
Tier 5 2,900 4,500
Tier 6 4,500 7,000
Tier 7 7,000 11,000
Tier 8 11,000 17,000
Tier 9 17,000 25,000
Tier 10 25,000 250,000


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