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Welcome to the RoboCraft WikiEdit

Welcome to the unofficial RoboCraft wiki! We have only just started, but will hopefully grow fast. Robocraft is a free online game where you can build your own vehicles and fight with them online. Download it at

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About RobocraftEdit

Robocraft is a free online game currently in alpha where you can build your own vehicles and fight with them online. The game is developed by FreeJam, a team of five based in Portsmouth, UK. It has been under development since February 2013, but is still growing with every day. With frequent updates we hope you like it


About FreeJamEdit

The team members are:

Mark Simmons (MASSIMO in game): The man in charge of making sure the game is incredibly fun to play. Known for being a regular forum user and an all-around helpful guy.

Richard Turner (Ric): Hand crafted the Martian landscape for us, Ric does all the artwork for the game. Known for being madattak's nemisis. 

Brian O'Connor: One of the teams coders, Brian can work non-stop thanks to his link to the matrix. Known for being the most elusive of the team, only spotted on the forums thrice.

Edward Fowler (Ed; EdCodeJammer in game): When the servers stop working, you have Ed to thank. Ed is capable of turning out mountains of code in a short amount of time. Known for being the first to die in an online match.

Sebastiano Mandala (Seb): This guy goes around cleaning up Ed and Brian's mistakes, spending most of his time in the technical support forums. Known for his slightly scary love of coffee. 

FreejamTeam 01
The handsome guys from Freejam
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Offical Alpha TrailerEdit

RoboCraft Official Alpha Alpha Trailer(01:05)
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