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Welcome to the RoboCraft WikiEdit

Robocraft is a free online game currently in alpha where you can build your own vehicles and fight with them online. The game is developed by FreeJam, a team of five based in Portsmouth, UK. It has been under development since February 2013, but is still growing with every day. Download it at

RoboCraft Official Alpha Alpha Trailer01:05

RoboCraft Official Alpha Alpha Trailer

About FreeJamEdit

Freejam was founded in Portsmouth/UK by five guys with a solid belief in one simple game idea “RoboCraft”. We pooled our combined 52 years of traditional development experience and threw it out the window. With a great idea and new lean-start-up philosophy etched into our brains we have been set free to innovate.

The team members are:

Mark Simmons (MarkDesignJammer): "Ideas man, bossy and self proclaimed geek, you want mark on your team if only to hear him say once in a blue moon “ your idea is better than mine”, it means a lot."

Richard Turner (Former Art Jammer) (RicArtJammer): "If batman needed another sidekick in surf shorts it would be ric, he’s a sharp creative wiz, a joker and the worlds biggest critic. Weapon of choice – hair gel."

Brian O'Connor (BrainCodeJammer): "Like the mighty Samson, Brian gains his power from his long black hair. A witty Irish tongue dispatches fools swiftly, so be warned, Brian knows his stuff."

Edward Fowler (EdCodeJammer): "Ed is a code machine. He’s quiet, and intensely fast, but deep beneath that facade lurks a soft hearted monster, we know this because we have seen him drunk."

Sebastiano Mandala (SebCodeJammer): "His smooth Sicilian tones can catch you unawares, Seb is a formidable creative coder with argumentative skills to match – Go on ask his opinion on anything, we dare you."

Michele (MicheleCodeJammer): AHHHHH not a new person! quick hide! Its been a long journey guys, but we did it! we finally found a programmer who wants to work with the rest of us nutters. We here at Freejam offices are happy too officially welcome Michele, our new programmer to the family.

Aldo (AldoCodeJammer): Looks like the Italians are taking over the Freejam offices!! Quickly, hide all the coffee and the beautiful women (wait, do we have any women here??) We here at Freejam are proud to officially announce our newest member, Aldo!!. Aldo is the new addition to our programming team, now 5 strong. Lets hope this gives them the people they need to keep producing cool content for you guys!!

FreejamTeam 01

The handsome guys from Freejam

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