Rail Cannon
Rail cannon
Minimum Tech: 4
Rate of Fire: 0.282 (6 guns) to 0.125 (1 gun)
Classification: Sniper
Recoil: HIGH
Rotation: 360°
Up Angle: 118°
Rate of Rotation: 90°/0.5"

The Rail Cannon(a.k.a. Railgun) is hit-scan weapon that fires a single high damage projectile. Rail Cannons automatically charge after firing, but pressing 'R' or the Middle Mouse Wheel reloads if there are still shots remaining in subsequent Rail Cannons. Its accuracy is greatly reduced when moving due to low rotation speeds. By pressing the right mouse button, one can zoom in.

With its extreme damage per shot and accuracy, it excels in long range engagements and anti-armor engagements. The Rail Cannon's range extends even further than the rendering distance. When at least one Rail Cannon is charged, a laser beam appears in the cross-hair, allowing the user to determine the direction of the Rail Cannons. This laser beam is also visible to other players (including enemies) making it crucial not to wait too long before firing, or the enemy may notice the beam and move out of range. Recoil can be an issue for smaller craft, as firing a Rail Cannon creates significant recoil compared to Subatomic Machine Guns.

, as firing a Rail Cannon creates significant recoil compared to Subatomic Machine Guns.


Patch of 201

Tier RP GC Damage Microchip24x20
TlLevel UBERTP Foot Print
T42,332 853,39320393.6618017.5244246-6-4
T55,066 1355,432221,169.17299010324328-8-5
T69,988 2058,143243,443.74474710415418-8-5
T718,574 32011,4622610,072,937192105165110-10-6
T836,113 53514,9672829,288.991037312.56376310-10-6
T964,262 89519,6823084,728.

General Information Edit

  • Moving the camera reduces the accuracy of a Rail Cannon for a short period of time, due to the turret movement.
  • Keeping the aim steady for 2 seconds will regain full accuracy.
  • Firing a shot from a Rail Cannon will also trigger a loss of accuracy for a short period of time, so firing off 6 shots like a machine gun will give poor accuracy at long range.
  • Rail Cannons auto-reload once all shots are fired.
  • Rail Cannons take 12 seconds total to reload, regardless of how many you have.
  • As of the mega SMG update, reloading only 1 Rail Cannon requires 6.5 seconds, reloading 2 requires 8 seconds, and reloading each one after that requires 1 second extra. So reloading 3 guns=9 second reload, 4=10, and 73=79.
  • Upon reloading the Rail Cannons, each one (except for the first) requires an additional 0.25 seconds to charge. Hence, the full charge time for 6 Rail Cannons is 21.25 seconds, and the full charge time for 1 Rail Cannon can be as low as 8 seconds, if you have more than one Rail Cannon on your craft.
  • When at least one Rail Cannon is charged, a laser beam appears in the cross-hair.
  • Only 6 rail cannons can be used at the same time.
  • Mass can be measured, like all other blocks, on the Precision Scale

Combat Strategy Edit

  • Be careful when aiming at an enemy unit for long periods of time, as the enemy can also see the targeting laser. More mobile units could manage to avoid your shots, either with evasive maneuvers or hiding behind an object.
  • Gaining height allows you to aim at more targets and from farther away; for this reason, Rail Cannons are highly effective on high-flyers like Blimps and Airplanes.
  • Electroplating is the bane of Rail Cannons because Rail Cannons cannot penetrate electroplating. Aiming at armor instead will still spread massive damage. You could also utilize multiple Rail Cannons to fire off multiple shots to first destroy the electroplating, then deal damage to the enemy unit. It should be noted that any extra damage still travels down electroplates, and if the shield is weak enough, the damage can travel far down due to the massive alpha the rail cannons output.
  • Rail Cannons are often mounted on walkers, or wheeled vehicles. This is because both walkers and wheeled vehicles can stop very quickly and are often very stable, allowing the rail cannons to focus faster. Drones, hovercraft, and planes are much less stable, and you will usually not find rail cannons on them. Using this knowledge, if you or a teammate are being targeted by a sniper, be prepared to shoot at wheels or walker legs, as hitting these spots may immobilize the enemy in a spot where your team can easily return fire.

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