Codes Bonus for Robocraft  :

Code Expiration Date Source Gulable
CREEPYCRAWLERS 7/12/2017 23.59 UTC 8 Spider Insect Legs
COMPLETELYBATTY 8/12/2017 23.59 UTC Bat wings/rudders
EYESOFTHETIGER 10/12/2019 23.59 UTC Cat Eyeball Left/Cat Eyeball Right
CARBONITEHOLYNIGHT 13/12/2017 23.59 UTC robocraftgame 2 number cubes / 6 letter cubes carbon 6
SNEAKYSNEAKY 14/12/2017 23.59 UTC robocraftgame 1 ninja mask full set

To find out if bonus codes are available see the Robocraft Facebook and Twitter pages. Also, check out the occasional Robostream hosted by leftofneverfj and DanSupportJammer. (Robocraft accounts)

Facebook :

Twitter :

(Vandalism with the above data is not tolerated, so kindly do not edit if you have ill means of doing so)

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