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The Precision Scale is a utility vehicle constructed by Robocraft streamer, Drotalion. It can measure the mass of cubes that have no measurement provided in the cube information window. Cube weights measured by the Reddit community have been regrouped in a spreadsheet.


The Precision Scale works like a standard balance scale. It is necessary that the geometric center point and mass center point are in the same location to attain proper results. In the middle, there is a Pilot Seat, several Armored Helium cubes and a Tier 2 Thruster to gain on height.

On the right side, the player places Armored Cubes. On the left side, the player places the cube he wants to measure. It is important to place elements symetrically. Since the weight of Armored Cubes are known, with an easy formula, the weight of cubes on the left side can be calculated.

Pscale formula

Example VehicleEdit

Drotalion also created and tested some cubes on his stream.

Precision Scale Vehicle

Precision Scale prototype

The first measurements were made on two Tier 6 SMGs and then on two Tier 1 SMGs. It was revealed that Tier 6 SMGs weigh 10 kilograms and Tier 1 SMGs only weigh 5 kilograms.