These are a new feature that can be purchased from the shop. You use Galaxy Cash to purchase them. These robots are made by FreeJam and likely unlock new weapons and/or items that are not usually available for that tier.

Use Edit

Pre-Built Robots are best for having a new garage slot and for having new cubes. Also they can be good for having a whole new robot to battle. You also get Premium with them ranging from 3 days to 90 days. Another upside it that you get a much better robot to battle with and unlock new items.

Pre-Built Bots
Name & Teir GC Microchip24x20 Limted? Premium**
T2 APACHE 3010 468 No
T3 MEAN MACHINE 9195 975 No
T3 MARKSMAN 7555 621 No
T3 TRAX 7555 621 No
T5 PLASMA BOMBER 10585 879 No
T5 NANO-MEDIC 10585 803 No
T7 REBEL 13625 1192 No
T7 SCORPION WALKER 15900 1186 No
T7 SCARAB 16650 1044 No
T7 TESLA DART 13625 813 No
T7 REAPER 19950 N/a Yes
*70% off when bought through madorc.comEdit

**Removed Dec. 8th 2014.

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