This is the official, moderator posted list of items that most players agree would improve the game overall if they were added.

  1. Scroll-capable chat log.
  2. Highlight, copy, and paste for chat (ctrl+v does work right now).
  3. Options when you click on another user’s name in-game or in chat.
  4. Multiplayer practice mode.
  5. Keyboard remapping and controller (xbox/ps) support.
  6. Customizable bot coloring. (Light Chassis block doesn’t need to always be white) Customizable bot colouring was added in the Full Spectrum Combat update.
  7. An “Undo” button (ctrl+z) during construction.
  8. Viewable lifetime statistics. (K/D ratio, average damage per match, etc)
  9. Full Match Details after returning to garage. (How each player contributed to each side)
  10. More Robot information on in-game GUI. (speed, clear shooting range [will my vehicle block my shot], on-target reticle, etc) (Speed is displayed if you have a speedometer, and clear shooting has been intentionally left out to promote intelligent building)
  11. Center-of-Gravity, Center-of-Thrust, and Center-of-Lift indicators in the garage bay. (ala KSP)
  12. Vehicle specifications in the garage bay. (top speed, reload time, rate-of-fire, total vehicle mass, total thrust output, etc.) (half of that is accomplished by items in-game[mostly cosmetics i.e. speedometer], and the other half is covered on this list)
  13. Garage Bay Reorganizing options. (Manually changing the order of the garage bays)
  14. More Maps. (Personal recommendation: Close Quarters maps. Think abandoned research facility)
  15. Multiple Block Selection Ability, aka Multi-select. (Shift+Click or Ctrl+click to avoid interfering with existing controls)
  16. More ‘Armor’ block shapes. (curves, half blocks, eighth blocks, poles, etc)
  17. 3 lines per second anti-spam chat filter.
  18. Breakdown of blocks used to build each bot. (As an overlay screen. Not always visible)
  19. Zooming without weapons. (support for weaponless scouts, and units that have lost their weapons in combat)
  20. A ‘return now’ button after defeat/victory to allow up to 1 minute of end-game chat.
  21. Tutorials. (I’ll list this thread/post as reference. I cleaned it up and support about 85%-95% of it.
  22. More cosmetic items, and reduced cost on all cosmetic items. (googly eyes, more flags, custom message tag, etc.)
  23. Achievements and rewards for achievements.
  24. More wheel varieties. (motorcycle wheel, single overhead mount airplane wheel, Monster truck wheels, etc.)
  25. Color code in-game chat to that player’s team. (ally to ally = light blue text, enemy to all = red text, ally to all = yellow-orange text)
  26. Support for multiple monitors.
  27. Being able to navigate menus while in queue.