Nano Disruptor
Nano Disruptor
Minimum Tech: 6
Rate of Fire: Burst
Classification: Disruptor
Recoil: none
Rotation: 360°
Up Angle: 118°
Rate of Rotation: 360°/second

The Nanotech Disruptor is the only weapon in Robocraft that can heal team mates. It has a short range.

Nano Disruptor Reticle

Nanotech Disruptor Aiming Reticle

The target receptacle has four dark trapezoids which are positioned around the crosshair, as shown here.

When the trapezoids turn blue, the target is in range.

Stats Edit

Name Forge costs
in Robits
Recycle costs
in Robits
Weight Health Healrate Firerate
(1 gun)
Binder 720 ? 16,5kg 23936 5805 4.0 shots/second 10.0 shot/second 18 pFLOPS
Mender 2200? 19,5kg 29255 152832.67 shots/second6.67 shots/second 22 pFLOPS
Constructor 6500 ? 22,5kg 34574 40000 1.78 shots/second4.44 shots/second 26 pFLOPS


ROBOCRAFT- Full Repair by Nanotech disruptor

ROBOCRAFT- Full Repair by Nanotech disruptor

This is what repairing looks like