"Have you ever wanted to be STRONGEST of all robots?! Introducing... the MEGABOT! Powerful robots of LEVIATHAN proportions capable of wiping the floor with even the TOUGHEST of Tier 10 competitors!" - Unknown

Megabots have a 7,555 pFLOP CPU cap. Both Tier 9 and Tier 10 battles can have a single Megabot for each team, depending on how powerful the Megabot is. To build a Megabot, you’ll need the Mega Module, plus some mega parts (shown below) alongside a Megabay, an upgrade to the standard Mothership that allows the construction of Megabots.

This chart is incomplete. If you have any pictures of (TX-1 Parts), please insert them. Please note that the information in this chart has been changed in recent updates.

The Megabots have now returned. Now they can support max 10000 CPU. Any robot exceeding 2000 CPU is automatically counted as a Megabot. Their max energy is the same as a 2000-CPU robot. They do not have any other specific requirements. Megaseats no longer exist unless a player owned them before they got removed from purchase.

Notes Edit

  • Megabots may currently only have mega parts attached to them.
  • Megabot can not be used in Robocraft: league or death matches. They can be used in custom games or Play vs AI however.