The Mega Seat is a large Pilot Seat used for controlling Megabots. It is unlockable in the Tech Tree at level 100. After being unlocked, it can be purchased in the Cube Depot for the price of 1,000,000 RP. The Mega Seat cannot be bought with Galaxy Cash.

The Mega Seat serves as the control center for your Megabots, and once placed, it upgrades a regular bot to Megabot status. This changes the types of components the bot is compatible with, and multiplies that bot's max CPU five times, enabling the construction of massive, deadly war machines.

The seat got replaced in the Full Spectrum Combat update by a massive 3x3 block with 5 connection points called "Mega Module".

Notes Edit

  • If the maximum CPU is 1511, and the Mega Seat TX-1 multiplies the CPU by 5, a top level player would receive up to 7555 in max CPU.
  • The Megabots got removed with the "State of the Game Update"

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