Plastic Prism

The basic plastic prism.

Like the Plastic Cube, the Plastic Prism is used as a structural part of your robot. The only diffrerence between the cubes is the 45 degree slope on the prism. Up until version  0.5.193 the Plastic Prism's mass was incorrectly set as 4kg.


Price: 1RP, 1GC

Mass: 2.5kg

CPU Load: 1pFLOP

Robot Ranking: 0.01


Plastic Prisms are used like the Plastic Cubes in the constuction of your robot. Smart usage of wedge blocks can 


Corrugated armor on madattak's hover tank

drastically reduce the weight of the vehicle with minimal impact to strength, such as the corrugatted armor design made by using wedges on a layer of blocks to create a double armor layer that is 3/4 the weight but the same strength  They can also be used to make a ramming ramp, although this wont work until the collision physics are updated.