How to make themEdit

Players start the game with a ground vehicle, and since it only requires wheels it is fairly simple. They can make a tank covered in plastic or a speeder depending on their taste. Thrusters may also be added for speed and down thrusters for stability. Most ground vehicles should equip an Alignment Rectifier in the case they are flipped over.


This section will outline strategies for most if not all ground vehicles.


Robo tank class

Tanks can take a hit. They will run up to the front lines and then park themselves between the enemy and allies. Good tanks have standoff Armor, Electroplating, Thrusters, and knowledge of the enemies best positioning. They can be used in either offense or defense but should be able to run right up to most enemies and push them around with their superior mass. Tanks should never engage runners as they will often out run and maneuver around them, leading the tank away from the more potent attackers.


Robo runner class

Runners either charge the front line to scout or sneak around the lines to flank or cap. In the case of the scout, they use Enemy Radar, Electroplating, and high maneuverability to spot the enemy then back off to either support or perform hit and runs. The sneaker variant will have a good Radar Jammer, battlefield sense, and maybe up thrust to jump cliffs. Runners use SMGs to keep their weight and profile down. Runners should always avoid Assaults and Gunbeds. They are built to be short and narrow.


Robo assault class

Assault bots are in the mix at the front lines. They have a large number of either SMGs or Plasma Launchers. They are well armored generally on the front, slightly on the sides, and often weak in the rear. Keeping their front to the enemy as much as possible is key to survival. They are frequently moving in and out of cover to allow weapons to recharge or re-aim. Assaults do well then moving with a tank line. Plasma Assaults should remain near someone with SMGs as aircraft will make quick work of them.


Robo gunbed class

Gunbeds are there for one purpose: Fire Everything! Though lacking in creativity, their effectiveness is evident as they can lose half their weapons and still send more fire out than any other class. They are generally set up with SMGs (anti-aircraft/DPS) or Plasma Launchers (Artillery), but a defensive type may use Rail Cannons (base sniper). They are moderately armored and not known for stability. When offensive, they need to have a tank line to start a fight or be ready to take a plasma barrage. SMG variants are often the best defense against aircraft. They need to keep cover until engaging as being poked down and out maneuvered will deem them useless.

Hill SniperEdit

Robo sniper class

Snipers are the most deadly unit on a battlefield; do not under estimate them. Snipers depend on stealth and stability. Rail Cannons are their weapon of choice. They are built much like runners and will find the least traveled spots of the map with good view of the field.They typically do not use hover blades or wings and thrusters (unless used to climb hills) as they do not provide the stability they need. So they will typically use wheels or more commonly seen walker legs. They like to be on solid ground to have the stability needed to reduce the recoil effect. They are not like others and fire the moment they see an enemy. They will wait until it is either engaging an ally, is all alone, sitting still with no chance of dodging, or will gauge the enemies trajectory (if in the air), and will always try to shoot at the weakest point on an un-armored vehicle. Sniprs will use Electro Plating, Radars, Radar receivers, and Radar Jammers with the help of allies spotting. A good sniper will also be heavily armored with very little weak spots until armor is penetrated.

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