Galaxy Cash GC is currency that is gained by spending Real Money. Or by selling Cubes for GC instead of Robot Points.

This can be purchased in various bundles from 4,500GC for up to 200,000GC using Steam Wallet if playing through Steam. It is used to purchase in-game items such as Premium Accounts, Uber Tech Points, Pre-Built Robots, and Cubes. Cosmetic Cubes can only be purchased with GC. Galaxy Cash is non-refundable and can only be spent in Robocraft.

Galaxy CashEdit

These are the prices listed in the game:

Galaxy Cash Price

$4.95 /£3.15 /3.95€ /325 p /585¥

5500 $9.95 /£6.35 /7.95€ /655 p /1,175¥
11000 $24.95 /£15.95 /19.95€ /1635 p /2,940¥
30000 $49.95 /£31.95 /39.95€ /3,275 p /5,890¥
65000 $74.95 /£47.95 /59.95€ /4,915 p /8,835¥
140000 $99.95 /£63.95 /79.95 /6,555 p /11,780¥

Wiki UseEdit

Users of this wikia can use the template {{GC}} to give the symbol GC in any line created or posted.

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