The Cube Depot is the location from which all gear, cubes, and hardware can be purchased to add to your robot.

Categories Edit

There are five categories within the Cube Depot.

Chassis Edit

Light Chassis Cubes, Heavy Chassis Cubes, Windshield Cubes, Armored Cubes, Armored Helium

Movement Edit

Wheels, Steering Wheels, Hover Blades, Thrusters, Aerofoils, Rudders, Walker Legs, Caterpillar Tracks, Skis, Steering Skis, Rotor Blades

Hardware Edit

Front Mount SMGs, Top Mount SMGs, Plasma Launchers, Rail Cannons, Electroplates, Nanotech Disruptors, Tesla Blades

Special Edit

Pilot Seat, Mega Seat TX-1, Enemy Radar, Radar Receiver, Radar Jammer, Headlamp

Cosmetic Edit

Altimeter, Speedometer, Vapor Trail L1, Vapor Trail L2, Robot Name Banner, Various Nationality Holoflags, Robocraft Holoflag, Dev Supporter, Gold Dev Supporter, Dwarf Spike, Mech 7 Jaw L, Mech 7 Jaw R, Mech 7 Nose L, Mech 7 Nose R, Mech 7 Ear L, Mech 7 Ear R, Sabretooth Jaw L, Sabretooth Jaw R, Sabretooth Face L, Sabretooth Face R, Sabretoth Ear L, Sabretooth Ear R