Caterpillar Track
Tank track
Minimum Tech: 3
Classification: Land-based

Tank tracks (a.k.a. tank treads or treads) are extremely heavy ground movement blocks with multiple contact points. They are most commonly used for two purposes; typically to create powerful bots that are capable of sustaining high amounts of damage or for long distance snipers that require stability. They can also be used to carry bots with a very high weight since they don't got a max cary mass.

The caterpillar tracks, due to their extreme weight, allow for hill climbing when used correctly (generally, a minimum of 4 tracks is advised). Caterpillar Tracks have the highest armour of any movement block in the game, at the cost of speed and manoeuvrability. In addition to this, they fully prevent damage transfer; a quality that is only shared by electroplates.

Caterpillar tracks get a massive speed boosts from attaching thrusters to them.

Notes Edit

  • A minimum setup of two tracks on either side of a bot (but not directly behind each other) is required to turn.
  • A two-track setup will allow for high-speed turning, but only when stationary.
  • Adding more tracks does NOT increase speed or acceleration, only weight and-potentially-stability.
  • It is advised that tracks are covered when in use, either by armour cubes or by electroplates. This is due to the fact that they are major targets on bots that use them.
  • Flipping is extremely difficult to do with tracks, however it is possible. Generally flipping is easier with two tracks rather than four or more.

Stats Edit

Name Forge costs
in Robits
Recycle costs
in Robits
Weight Health Max speed
Warthog 1200 ? 7250,0kg 63000 100mph 30 pFLOPS
Bison 1360 ? 11790,0kg 71400 102mph 34 pFLOPS
Rhino 3800 ? 20360,0kg 79800 104mph 38 pFLOPS
Elephant 4200 ? 28930,0kg 88200 106mph 42 pFLOPS
Mammoth 11500 ? 37500,0kg 96600 108mph 46 pFLOPS

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