If you are wondering "WHY AM I ALWAYS DIEING!!!!!!"      this is the right thing for you.

     These are multiple tips and tricks that will make you a Robocraft Pro

With the power of intellegence, you can BE strong and not be one of those who always becomes destroyed.

Try to shoot the bottom of a enemy robot  or try to take of any functional cubes.

       Triforcing: Leading Damage  somwhere else Click Here.                                                                                      

Saving RP and TP up for buying something.

Try to get close to a rail to decrease  damage of maxinuim damage.

Save CPU, CPU Is prescious, you only get 11 CPU Every level, there is only 100 Levels max.

Use a SMG  for  Extreme damage BUT don't  Put more than 6 SMGS' on your robot only put more SMGS

for backup.

if you are on low health don't stay there, Use your thruster or use RESPAWN button to get

back to your base. 

Spot Enemies to stop them from doing  a self destruct.


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