If you are wondering "WHY AM I ALWAYS DYING!!!!!!"      this is the right page for you.

     These are multiple tips and tricks that will make you a Robocraft Pro

With the power of intellegence, you can BE strong and not be one of those who always gets destroyed.

Try to shoot the bottom of a enemy robot  or try to take of any functional cubes.

       Triforcing: Leading Damage  somwhere else Click Here.                                                                                      

Saving RP and TP up for buying something.

Try to get close to a rail to decrease  damage of maxinuim damage.

Use a SMG  for  Extreme damage BUT don't  Put more than 6 SMGS' on your robot only put more SMGS for backup.

If you are on low health don't just stand still, use a thruster to return to base or get an ally to heal you.

Dont allow enemies to self-destruct


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