Capture the Base is a game mode in Robocraft.

Objective: There are two win conditions: Robots completing a Capture progress bar by moving inside of the opponents Platform, or when all opposing Robots are destroyed.

The Base Edit

Blue and red bases are typically on opposite sides of the map from each other and are clearly designated by a flag on the mini-map. The base looks like a glass, slightly-sloped dome (henceforth: Platform) with a beam of red or blue light shooting vertically from its center. Players spawn close to their team's base.

Capture Edit

A base is captured when an enemy Robot is on the platform and the 4 part Capture Progress Bar completely fills. When capturing an enemy base, a Red Capture Progress Bar will appear in the top center of the HUD that will slowly fill to the right corner, passing three breaks along the way. Capturing through one of these breaks will grant a "capture point" and the progress cannot be taken back; furthermore any Robot on the platform when the point is achieved will be rewarded after the battle. A robot may leave the platform and the progress to the break will remain, but any progress before a break will diminish if no Robot is on the platform. A base is captured faster when more of a team's robots are on the platform. Base Caps are now reset when you take damage whilst capping a base. The base cap will reset back to the last segment when the robot is hit. A base capture is halted when a member of the defending team is on the platform. If the opposing team is currently capturing a player's base, a Blue Capture Progress Bar will appear in the Top center of the HUD and move to the left corner.


Robocraft Deserted-201:19

Robocraft Deserted-2

Robocraft Snolo-002:03

Robocraft Snolo-0

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