Congratulations on purchasing your new Z-5000 mother ship and combat robot assembly unit. Please read the following instruction manual to get the most out of your matches.

Basic Robot/Game Control.Edit

You Need Wheels First

  • Forward/Backward/Left/Right - W/A/S/D
  • Ascend - Space (only if you have a robot capable of flying)
  • Descend - Left Control [for windows] or Shift [for mac] (only if you have a robot capable of flying)
  • Place Block - Left mouse button
  • Delete Block - Right mouse button
  • Rotate Block - Scroll mouse wheel or R
  • Select a block from your robot¹ - Click mouse wheel/F
  • Set "Specular Mode" (to place blocks specular to middle axis) - X
  • Inventory - Q
  • Cube Forge - C
  • Test Robot - T
  • Game Mode - G
  • Game Menu - Esc

Your First RobotEdit

"Thanks to the Z-5000, building a robot is made easy!

It is highly recommended you start with a ground based robot, as they are easier to build and use in combat. When you build any craft you must consider these factors:

1) Armor: Your robot is considered dead when all Hardware and Movement devices have been disconnected from each other.

2) Firepower:

A Maximum of 5 Weapons Types Can be Placed on Your Robot

  • Mounted SMGs have a high fire rate and lower damage per shot. They are recommended for beginner players as they are easy to use. Top mounted SMGs can see 360 degrees around you, however front mounted SMGs are cheaper and use fewer Ranking Points to unlock.
    • SMGs fire sequentially at a maximum rate of 6 shots per second. Each SMG has a fire-rate of 1 shot per second, such that maximum DPS is achieved with 6 SMGs. Additional SMGs will NOT increase fire-rate but does with DPS, but allow for some guns to be lost to damage before your fire-rate is impacted, and can increase your ability to fire in different directions.
  • Plasma Launchers are a available weapon type and deal splash damage on impact. They have a longer reload time than the smg. Their rounds are shot in an arc but do not disappear due to "fog of war."
    • A Plasma Launcher has a base reload time of 3 seconds, which does not increase by .4 seconds with each additional gun. Care should be used to balance net damage output vs. burst potential.
  • Rail Cannons are a available weapon and act as a sniper rifle would. Each individual gun holds one shot. After one Rail Cannon has fired that Rail Cannon will recharge all of them the others will fire in sequence though none can fire 'til the one that has fired has recharged. They have unlimited range and a "Zoom scope".
    • Rail Cannon reload times are Not based on the number of Rail Cannons on the craft. 1 = 8, 2 = 12, 3 = 15, 4 = 17.5, 5 = 19, 6 = ?.
  • Nano Disruptors are an available weapon type. They can repair allied robots acting as a short-range reconstruction beam. It is a weapon type in the game. If you have more than one Nano Disruptor on your robot, you can fire each by pressing the left mouse button, healing one ally at once.
  • Tesla Blades are the fifth available weapon type. They are short range blades that cause damage on contact.

3) Mobility: Especially with your first robot, mobility is vital since at tier 1 you will not be able to take much damage or send much back. With mobility comes the danger of flipping over, so caution is advised for craft with narrow wheel bases and on hills.

Noteᵟ : The ability to auto-target enemies was removed in the "Rise of the Walkers" hotfix #3