Battle Arena is a multiplayer gamemode in which players use the robots they have created inside of Build Mode to fight on large-scale maps of twelve people. Each team, (red and blue) has a total player amount of six. In this gamemode, players battle eachother for control over Fusion Towers, to be able to destroy the enemy team's Protonium Reactor. Players respawn in this gamemode, unlike Team Deathmatch . Players are given Salvage Crates at the end of each match, the rarity of the Salvage Crates depends on the player's performance.

Fusion TowersEdit

Fusion Towers are large, Protonium powered towers that grant each team abilities as they take control of them. Fusion Towers start off as a purple, or neutral, color to signify they can be taken. When each Protonium Crystal on a Fusion Tower is destroyed, the Fusion Tower's Protonium Crystals will respawn, and become the same color as the team who destroyed the final Protonium Crystal. On each Battle Arena map, there are three different towers. One near each base, and another at a mid point. Once a team has a single Fusion Tower, their Protonium Reactor will generate a large Fusion Shield around it, stopping all enemy fire from either side of the shield. Enemies can enter a Fusion Shield. If a team has two Fusion Towers, a Clock Cycle Booster will be added. If any team has all three Fusion Towers on a map, the opposite team's shield will fall, and that team will gain another boost to their Clock Cycle.

Protonium ReactorsEdit

Protonium Reactors are large towers covered in Protonium Crystals. Each team has one, and each team must defend their own and attack the other team's Protonium Reactor. The Protonium Reactor's Protonium Crystals will be the same color as the team who defends it. The Protonium Reactor cannot be damaged by friendly fire. If a team has a Fusion Tower, their Protonium Reactor will generate a Fusion Shield around it, protecting it from long range weaponry. The Fusion Shield will last until that team loses all Fusion Towers, or the Protonium Reactor is destroyed. All the Protonium Crystals on a Protonium Reactor must be destroyed before the game ends.


  • Battle Arena was once named Team Deathmatch, which was renamed from Capture The Base. Thats a lot of renaming!
  • A good way to capture Fusion Towers is to look for neon lights that ride down the stem of the Tower. Shoot the crystals covering every neon light and the Fusion Tower is immediately captured then.

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