WARNING: THIS PAGE IS MARKED FOR DELETION!!! B2R (abbreviation of Born 2 Rage) Is a non-canon, large, bipedal robot that keeps getting posted on the forums as the "GREATEST ROBOT TO EVER EXIST". It cannot die and is described as "BIG", "ANGRY!!!!!!" and "UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". B2R is driven by nothing but rage and hatred of the opposition and is accepted by many on the forum as a "deity" robot.


Appearance Edit

B2R Appears as a Large robot with 2 chain rippers (1 either side representing arms), 2 titan mech legs, wide broad shoulders and painted fully black with a white skull painted on the front. Even without its chain rippers, B2R is willing to walk on top of it's enemies and crush them under it's own weight while shouting taunts.