Alginment rectifier

{Obsolete item}

"The Alignment Rectifier aka 'The Flipper' will automatically activate when you are stuck or upside down. Push 'F' to fire when active."

Alignment Rectifiers are used when and if your vehicle is flipped upside-down. By pressing F it causes a small explosion under the bot to put it back to its original starting position. If the center of gravity of your robot is not zero or if the terrain of the map is uneven, there may be some undesired effects such as your robot not flipping the right way.


  • Some have used the explosive effect to dodge weapons fire and escape damage.
  • Only one alignment rectifier is needed, more will be useless.
  • Holding 'F' charges the flipper and gives you a greater effect, allowing you to flip heavier vehicles, or to flip a vehicle out of a more precarious position, than just tapping.
  • Some vehicles are too light to be flipped normally, so sometimes you need to practice timing it right to flip your vehicle a full 180 and land on your wheels. Solve this problem with practice, make your vehicle heavier, or down-grade your alignment rectifier if possible.


Tier RP GC Weight Shield-th Max
RoboRank Microchip24x20 Tl
T1 100 20 5 180 1,500 9 10 ?
T5 4,730 110 5 2,059 5,000 576 14 ?
T9 60,240 750 ? 9,522 10,000 33,830 18 42


  • Not moving for a while will cause the Alignment Rectifier/s in your robot to be active.
  • These items are removed from the game as the alignment rectification mechanics have been changed, which makes them useless.